Throw - hit en suspension

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1 ball for 2 - 3 pupils

Aim of the task:

Throw the ball and catch it before it hits the floor, and combine more and more complex actions.


Throw send back in suspension

Hitting the ball in suspension is a test for the dissociation and coordination impulsion / hit:

  • if the body is moving up the hit is often too strong
  • if the body is moving down this hinders the push up of the hands on the ball
  • if the body is at the highest point of the trajectory the action of the hands can be mastered and be precise.
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See the video

We find again the problems of tempo in the impulsion and of high point of the suspension. In addition, a push of the arms must be triggered at the right moment.

We see here several levels of problems and of realisation: from the projection of the body "wholesale" to more dissociated actions. The introduction of the net as an obstacle creates a reference point in the trajectory.

We will find again these tasks in the specific work on hitting techniques.

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