Throw – catch in suspension

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1 ball for 2 - 3 pupils

Aim of the task:

Throw the ball and catch it before it hits the floor, and combine more and more complex actions.


Throw catch in suspension
"Use the arms to jump and catch as high as possible"

We are aiming for a good time organisation and the movement availability in suspension. In the game this ability will enable to intervene on a high ball but mainly it helps master the point of meeting with the ball is space and to prepare the hitting techniques.

Coordination of the arms with the impulse is an important element. At a second stage, we throw the ball in front of the net. This enables to control how vertical the impulsion is and the height of the catch.

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See the video

We observe "tempo" problems with:

  • Late impulsions which make the catch too low and with an opposition of speeds between the player and the ball
  • Impulsions that are too early with a catch when the ball is going down
  • Often the balancing role of the arms and even the legs is in contradiction with ball control.
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