Throw - touch

Throw - touch


1 ball for 2 - 3 pupils

Aim of the task:

Throw the ball and catch it before it hits the floor, and combine more and more complex actions


  • Throw and touch the floor
  • Throw clap hands in the back catch
  • Throw touch your feet

While mastering the throw, pupils must organise themselves within the timing and be capable of rapid successions and of dissociations in the coordination (act independently with different parts of the body). These exercises are compatible with a visual follow-up.

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At a first level the adjustment to the trajectory in time and in place is not compatible with going down to the floor.

At the next level it becomes possible to move toward the ball's landing spot, go down on the floor et stand back up during the trajectory time.

Even if the situation is particularly easy and accessible it is useful to put in place an important volume of activity and to look for precise transformations via qualitative demands.

Through questions, the observation of a classmate, we facilitate the construction of markers usable by the pupil himself:

  • How to have more time?
  • Are you under the ball or beside it?
  • Does he catch the ball when he goes up, when he goes down, at the top of his jump?
  • etc.
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