Talking volley-ball

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From school practice to sports association the referee uses gestures that correspond to the rules of the game. Pupils assimilate it as a language, a code.

Core fundamental rules

  • Each exchange starts and finishes with a sound signal (whistle blow).
  • Point scoring: ball inside the court, ball outside, ball touched and sent out.
  • The hold. Which is the action of carrying the ball over even a short distance with two hands or one hand.
  • The double (miltiple hits only count when transmitted inside your own team).
  • 4 touches.

Match management

  • presentation
  • entry on the court
  • down times
  • ball to reset
  • player change
  • court change
  • final salute.


  • Invasion of opponents space: over the net.
  • Invasion of opponents space: under the net.
  • Attack from backcourt player (server) in the forecourt area in a 4 player game.
  • Encroachment on service (server's foot encroaches on the court).

Fundamental rules and scoring

In the chapter dedicated to match and tournament organisation, we will find propositions and tools (scoring sheets).

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