Attack and direct counterattack

We will talk of re-launch after a failed attack or block. It is similar to supporting the attack or the block, taking into account its possible failure.

  • In the event of a spike, instead of being spectators of the attack, partners should organise near the blocker (setter) and behind the spiker to re-launch a possible bounce on the opponents block. See images on the defence / attack flow.
  • In the event of a block the problem is the same but the trajectory is even more unpredictable because these will be involuntary or hidden trajectories. Typically we must covet the angles left open by the block but also the short or long bounce area behind the block which is also a zone for lobbed attacks. See the resource on
    representations of the target to defend
  • In the event of a send back without spike players reorganise by sectors in order to apply immediately a block and cover of the back of the court.
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