Overhand pass towards a target

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1 ball for 1 to 4 pupils

Aim of the task:

  • a wall target
  • a partner over the net
  • a partner by hitting in suspension

Adjust interception height, direction, height of trajectory.

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See the video

Working on targets enables to look for both power and precision. Here again we observe the preparation and the end of the hit (see above). Nevertheless, the search for precision and also the will to send the ball far and high will sometimes reveal some compensations and energy wasting behaviours that are not very efficient in the long term.

To be more precise, some players:

  • Will limit the action to the hands or to the wrists. In these cases we must set the target back so that the touch of the ball needs an action from the whole body from the legs to the fingers.
  • Will extend their head eyes fixed on the ball: this blocks the action of the shoulders. Players must be encouraged to "bring the head forward in the hit" (bring back the head between the arms) which doesn't stop them from seeing the ball but brings amplitude to the movement and consequently power and precision.

To be more powerful, some players:

  • Will use a rocking of the body from back to front. This is linked to setting the head back at the level of the hit (in front of the face and not above the head). On the contrary, we must look for placing under the ball and an upward push aligned with the supports.
  • Will hit forward with straight arms using the shoulders only for a sweeping movement from back to front.
  • Contrary to these behaviours, even the least athletic players (see end of the video clip) can produce long and precise trajectories under the following conditions:
    1. use leg power
    2. prepare the arms and the hands close to the head
    3. make an ample and relaxed hit up to complete extension in direction of the target.
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