Tests and assessment

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1 ball for 2 to 4 pupils
Target courts divided into 4 equal zones
Individual score cards

Aim of the task:

Touch all 4 zones in 4 serves.


Serve 4 times in a row. Each zone counts only once.
If a player touches a zone several times he loses a ball without scoring from the second impact.

Score :

Impact on 4 possible zones gives 2 points.
Impact on 3 possible zones gives 4 pts.
On 2 possible zones = 6 points.
On one possible zone = 8 points.

Maximum score: 2 + 4 + 6 + 8 = 20

4 possible scores: 2 - 6 - 12 - 20

We can create a test with 5 zones (2 in front, 3 at the back) or 6 zones. Scores must grow with difficulty but it is not important to set the total at 20 points.

Every time we make match observations, or do some "coaching" between pupils it is useful to note the efficiency of the serve and to analyse the causes of potential error (lack of concentration, realisation faults) and to value successes (serve into a free space or ball interfering between two players for example).

We can put in place some precision and regularity competitions.

During the process efficiency criteria will evolve from:

  • serving long and making step back
  • serving into free spaces
  • serving into conflict zones (between two receivers)
  • serving into tactically disturbing zones for the counterattack (to the setter or an attacker we want to hinder, into the players' lines of circulation);
  • serving hard
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