Overhand Serve towards a vertical target

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1 ball for 1 or 2 pupils
Target drawn on the wall (circle of 1m in diameter with a centre at 2.50 m from the floor)

Aim of the task:

Reach the target drawn on the wall

The choice of a serve called "overhand" or "tennis" is often for the pupils more a question of prestige than one of efficiency. We will leave the choice of technique but will introduce an objective efficiency requirement.

The references are:

  • Ball placing on the natural passage of the hand, square with the hitting shoulder at the moment of impact.
  • Commitment of the body (hip, shoulder, hand) twisting and moving forward towards the ball using the push of the back foot.
  • Direction of the hand travel which is controlled by control of the hand in direction of the target until after the hit.
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See the video

Working with a target helps to adjust precision and to link:

  • The placing of the ball relative to the hitting shoulder and arm (adjust forward / back, right / left, height).
  • Hand line of movement (in which direction does my hand go?) If the line is correct, after the hit the hand will hide the central point of the target from the player.
  • Impact of the hand on the ball marked by a vertical axis (meridian) and a horizontal axis (equator) which will enable to judge whether the hit is skewed or centred.
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