Reception towards a passer

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3 to 5 balls for 5 to 7 players
1/3 to 1/2 court length

Aim of the task:

The receiver must send back the ball to a partner in passer position, first in front of him, then off to the side.


  • For the setter: serve inside the defended court then move to reception position.
  • In case of failed service, the server fetches the ball.
  • For the receiver: after reception, go and place himself in the passer position then, with the ball he just received, go and take the service position.


  • Make the serve easy by serving from the middle of the opposing court then go back court .
  • Limit the reception area's width (3 to 4m)
  • Align the positions server / receiver / passer – target then offset them to the right and to the left.

We observe here the same technical references as before (see above). But the partner target will allow to work on:

  • Early orientation of the hitting surface towards the target , with both up/down and side precision.
  • Availability on the weight supports.
  • Control of the ball's impact.
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See the video

We can see that the players react too late. They present themselves with their hands close to their stomach and try to hit the bal with an "arm hit" coming from the shoulder. We will check that on the contrary, the arms are prepared away from the torso and that the angle torso / shoulder doesn't change much during reception. We "carry" the ball by "shrugging the shoulders" which maintains the orientation of the hitting surface.

The latter must be oriented as much as possible towards the partner-target. This supposes that the player remains available on his bent legs and that his last weight supports enable him to follow the ball in direction of the target. This way he can regulate his speed, either to give an impulse with his legs when the ball is slow, or to control the bounce when it is faster.

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