Target defence with a bump and serve reception

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1 ball for 2 players
Court longer than wide 2-3 m x 6-7 m

Aim of the task:

Stop the ball from falling into your court by a hit


  • For the setter: serve or overhand hit the ball towards the opposite target.
  • For the receiver : stop the ball from falling into his court with a hit then catch it. Players switch roles.


The receiver sends the ball into the opposite camp on the second hit.

Series of 10 serves per server.

If the receiver is placed in expectation too close to the net, the server will send the ball to the back of the court into the free space, to sanction the bad placing. On the other hand, the server mustn't step forward further that the middle of his court otherwise is short trajectories will be too fast and unplayable for the defender.

Attitude in preparation bent legs – hands on the knees is at the same time a way of focusing the attention, and a preparation of the body to the bump reception.

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See the video

Trial and error on a large volume of balls are necessary in order to integrate the intervention distance. We will watch particularly the attitude in preparation to the reception.

After a good preparation and a suitable move, the player must be able to present a stable tray to the ball, the arms forming an angle of close to 90°with the leaning upper body.

If the ball arrives between the ground supports the player can orient and control the trajectory. This becomes rather random when he is late on his placement and when the trajectory goes to the right or to the left of his weight support. At that moment, we enter into borderline techniques, which do not have the same precision nor reliability.

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