Flow / Break off

As was described in the game logic analysis, the aim for both teams is to break off the exchange in the opposite camp. In addition, the difficulty of playing continuously without holding causes errors (See again continuity / break off in the game logic analysis?)

To get out of the vicious circle of unmanaged flow we must artificially create a continuous flow in the different phases of the game. This enables us to put in place the organisation and the techniques to answer this problem.

The work will focus on two points:

  • Game without a ball: "what do I do when I'm not playing the ball to allow the game to flow?"
  • Game after the hit: "after I have hit the ball what do I do to allow the game to continue?"

Improvement in the game flow resides in the ability to chain up the tasks and in the anticipation from a series of signals and information. We will systematically insist on this timing during the exercises.

We will also mention the tactical an technical choices which within the three authorised hits will allow, if scoring is not possible, to ensure the continuous flow of the game and we can especially refer to the work done on borderline techniques.

The learning is based on:

  • Recognising situations and stages of the game in order to make the right decision.
  • Roles, their allotment and the placings that result.
  • Signals which determine the accurate timing of a move in the chain of actions (neither too early nor too late).
  • Physical ability to move away and back, backwards or sideways.

This type of exercise makes the work more dynamic and more fun. It must be suggested early in the training in the form of simple sequences of defence / attack / defence or a match with a supply of balls. Even if the solutions are not in place it enables to identify the problems and to establish a context fo learning techniques and tactics later on.

Learning situations:

The first three learning situations are set on a half court, the last one being a match situation between two teams.

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