Defend court alone by catching the ball

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Court size 4x4 m
1 ball for 2 pupils
2 attackers - 2 defenders
Roles change after a series of 10 throws

Aim of the task:

  • Drop the ball in the opponent's court
  • Catch the ball to stop it from touching the floor in your camp


  • Throw the ball into the opposite court
  • Send the ball into the opposite court by hitting it


We can put in place a very simple observation on the very precise criteria proposed here.

The game is above all a "run against the ball".

The first question is: "Am I setting off at the same time as the ball?"
Then: "Where do I place myself to defend?"

The answers:

  • I choose to move forward, quicker and with the target to defend in front of me.
  • I am ready (attitude, posture) and alert to the signal of the ball being hit by the opponent.
  • I set off at the same time as the ball.
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See the video

The difficulty and interest of the work is that it focuses on timing references which are not perceived by the players and often not by the observers either.

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